Valorant Dungeons: Case Study
Project Brief
This project began with an exploration of a player’s choices and journey in Minecraft Dungeons. With that as a base, I conducted user research, created wireframes, and UI mockups to create a concept for a dungeon crawler in the style of Riot Games’ VALORANT.
Challenges & Research
While Minecraft Dungeons is a successful and robust game, there are some slight improvements that could be made in the UX/UI side of the game based on watching players’ actions and sentiments during gameplay.

During the research and design process, it was vital for me to get feedback from users of various backgrounds to ensure the design decisions I made were understandable to different types of people and playstyles.

I wanted to challenge myself to design the final UI Art in the style of one of my favorite games, VALORANT.
Accessibility Testing & Takeaways

I’m still learning to improve upon my research and skills to create a more accessible design. Since I replicated the color palette from Valorant to the best of my ability, it's interesting to see the kinds of adjustments Riot makes to make their game more accessible (ex: bolding text or making targets appear yellow or pink). What options in the settings could I use to make the game more accessible, and how would that UI look?

Currently, there are only three UI mockups in this project. It would be interesting to expand upon these mockups and see what other scenarios would look like in this style and if it would still make sense (ex: user onboarding)
Final Product

Overall, I am very happy with the stylization of the UI in this project. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the UI elements and it captures a similar aesthetic while being in a different game genre.

Because I had to make changes to the UI in the colorblindness test, I learned it is important to keep overall contrast in mind for future UI projects in addition to adding different filters/states for colorblindness.

User testing was key to improving the layout and legibility of my designs.
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