Glorious - Model I 2 Product Page
2022 - 2023  •  Page Design
The Model I 2 Product Page was a massive launch for the company and added new features to our web design repertoire. I thoroughly enjoyed designing this page from wireframe to what can be seen today. To convey all of the exciting new features of the mouse, I worked on expanding our style of product stories and an interactive infographic component. For this webpage to come to life, I worked side-by-side with the marketing and development teams to ensure that the final product was up to their vision.
Social Proof
2022 - 2023  •  Component Design
Social proofs are important to a website as they help to establish credibility and trust with visitors. I was tasked with creating the component to go on Glorious' top tier product pages to enforce brand credibility. To create this project, I worked with the PR, digital marketing, and development teams.
Glorious Press Page
2022 - 2023  •  Page Design
Glorious needed a centralized page for all of its brand news and to add an avenue to communicate with the media. I designed this page to help provide easy access to press-related information through easily digestible card-style articles and social proofs. The bottom of the page features a media intake form to allow for press inquiries to increase exposure and brand recognition​​​​​​.
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